The New Years Brain Crave Conundrum

Here we are, two weeks into the new year with all our New Years resolutions. I’m not sure where the origin of the New Year resolution comes from, but I’ve always thought it was strange that January 1st is viewed as the “saving grace” for all the debauchery that takes place the year before or more specifically, the night before. The last few weeks of 2013 are typically spent over-indulging and under-performing because we know, come 2014, we will dedicate our time to cleanse our mind and bodies and fully commit to GSD’ing (get shit done…ing).


VALUE: how does it affect you and your business?

I was almost traded for 60, long eye-lashed donkeys in Dounza, a Sahara desert-trading village in Mali, in 1996. Granted, they had the thick eyeliner type markings around their eyes and that sultry tannish-grey hide, but still, I am an educated, free woman – how did this ridiculous barter even begin?

It started because every human being has a unique relationship to the idea of VALUE.